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The German company OASE was able to win the coveted iF DESIGN AWARD 2023 three times for itself and thus proves its innovative strength and its high design standards in the areas of aquariums and terrariums.

The iF DESIGN AWARD, which was launched around 70 years ago, remains highly coveted, this time with almost 11,000 entries from 56 countries. 133 design experts made a selection based on objective and transparent evaluation criteria and awarded three products from the areas of indoor aquatics and terrariums from the OASE portfolio. The award ceremony will take place on May 15 in Berlin's Friedrichstadt Palace as part of a large gala.

Thorsten Muck, CEO of OASE, is delighted: "The iF DESIGN AWARD confirms the orientation of our brand strategy. We would like to win a larger target group and in particular new customers and fans of aquaristics and terrariums. This can only succeed if, in addition to technical requirements and high safety standards, aesthetic factors also come into focus. Figuratively speaking, we want to move the hobby from the basement to the living room. Innovative design is therefore a key element of our product development.”

The connection between aquarium and lifestyle

All three award-winning OASE products, the biOrb AIR terrarium, the biOrb WATER LOOP aquarium and the CrystalSkim skimmer, are united by their outstanding design standards in addition to their high technical quality and safety. OASE’s aim is to make aquariums and terrariums more attractive for living areas. Aesthetic design and user-friendliness make the topics accessible to a larger target audience.

Excellent products with aesthetic standards

The elegant biOrb AIR terrarium can be integrated into any living and working area thanks to its stylish design. Substantial plants such as ferns, orchids, bromeliads and tillandsias thrive in its nature-inspired ecosystem with its own microclimate. With the expansion of its range of biOrb WATER aquariums to include the elliptical LOOP variant in the sizes 15 and 30 liters, OASE makes it possible to stage aquariums even in areas with little floor space, such as on a windowsill or a narrow sideboard. The aquarium can be designed in a natural or artificial way with the help of numerous decorative elements, depending on the living environment in which the micro-spectacle of water and light is to be integrated. The CrystalSkim skimmer combines reduced, unobtrusive design with practical handling and ensures a clear water surface in the aquarium. The surface skimmer reliably removes scum, the biofilm from microorganisms, and thus guarantees active gas exchange in the aquarium. It remains optically unobtrusive in the background.


About the iF Design Award:

In 1953, a "special show of industrial products in line with the form" was presented for the first time at the Hanover Fair, which resulted in the iF Design Award in 1954, which has been awarded to outstanding designs and design concepts every year since then. The claim to promote social change through design is a special feature.