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CrystalSkim Surface Skimmer

OASE CrystalSkim innovative aquarium surface skimmer quickly and effectively frees the aquarium surface of biofilm, floating plant debris and substances. CrystalSkim is compact in size and has a powerful and quiet motor. The flow is adjustable, ensuring a crystal-clear water surface at just the right output. An integrated collection basket ensures the safety of the aquarium inhabitants. In addition to skimming, the unit is designed with a bottom discharge that creates flow in what would be dead spots normally.

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Winner of the 2023 iF Design Award

The iF DESIGN AWARD, which was launched around 70 years ago, remains highly coveted, this time with almost 11,000 entries from 56 countries. 133 design experts made a selection based on objective and transparent evaluation criteria and awarded our CrystalSkim with the Design Award.

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