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Aquarium Accessories

Maintaining your aquarium is key to a healthy aquatic environment. OASE provides the tools to make your aquarium maintenance simple.

  • HeatUp in aquarium

    HeatUp Aquarium Heaters — Precise temperature control

    HeatUp aquarium heaters ensure uniform water temperatures so that the inhabitants of the aquarium always enjoy optimum health.

  • CrystalSkim 350 In Use

    CrystalSkim Surface Skimmers — For a clean aquarium surface

    The award-winning CrystalSkim quickly and effectively frees the aquarium surface of biofilm, floating plant debris, and substances.

  • ShutOff Valve 16/22 In Use

    ShutOff Valves — Say goodbye to messy filter maintenance

    OASE ShutOff Valves for external aquarium filters make routine filter and tubing maintenance quick and easy. Designed for in-line installation with dual flow control and a disconnection feature that ensures no accidental spillage.

  • OASE Aqua In-Out Set 800 in use

    Cleaning & Tank Care — Essential for a healthy aquarium

    Some tasks may be small, but they are essential for keeping a healthy aquarium. OASE has the right accessories and tools for all the small tasks associated with the underwater world.

  • OASE Fish Net 15 cm in use

    Fish Care — Simple tools for important tasks

    Taking care of your fish can be a highly specified task based on the type of fish you choose. However, some routine tasks require basic tools that work for a variety of species.

  • OASE Plant Tweezers in use

    Plant Care — Aquascaping tools for your planted water world

    Helpful tools for adding, removing, and maintaining aquatic plants. This lightweight yet sturdy equipment provides precision and accuracy while aquascaping.

  • aquarium soil

    Aquarium Soils — Active substrates for planted aquariums

    ScaperLine Soil makes the water softer and creates a slightly acidic pH range that is favorable for many aquarium plants. Active soil can absorb nutrients from the water and release them again when needed - the buffer effect is ideal for sustained good plant growth.

  • OASE Riverwood Branches Set of 3 in Use

    Aquarium Decorations — For the perfect 'scaping illusion

    Drawn from nature as inspiration, the stones and branches serve as hiding places for the animals in every aquarium. Non-toxic and harmless for particularly sensitive types of fish and plants.

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