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Aquarium External Filters

External filters typically provide multiple stages of filtration by offering several layers of various media throughout the filter unit. These filters operate outside of the aquarium and can be conveniently stored in a cabinet under the aquarium, making them easily accessible for maintenance.

  • OASE BioMaster external canister filters

    BioMaster external filters for the highest demands

    The BioMaster line of premium external filters boasts 4-stage filtration and is designed with sealed filtration pathways to ensure water travels the most efficient path through all filter media — creating optimal water quality and clarity.

  • OASE FiltoSmart 60 hanging on the side of an aquarium

    FiltoSmart compact external filter with large filter surface

    The FiltoSmart line of premium compact external filters uses multi-staged mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration which provides an extremely high surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize.

OASE’s BioMaster and FiltoSmart canister filter series are characterized by high filter performances and long service lives. The filters’ EasyClean features and advanced designs are perfect for maintaining a clean and healthy ecosystem for your fish and plants.

OASE’s Thermo line of BioMaster and FiltoSmart filters have the added feature of an integrated heater. By integrating the heater into the filter, the amount of additional equipment seen in the aquarium is reduced.

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