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Aquarium Internal Filters

Internal filters are suitable for small aquariums and can be used for paludariums. These filters are placed inside the aquarium, usually in a corner. Internal filters can also be used as a secondary filter, or if there is no space outside the aquarium.  A key advantage is that no visible tubing connections interfere with the aquarium's overall aesthetic. 

  • OASE BioCompact in aquarium

    BioCompact discreet & compact internal aquarium filter

    The BioCompact line of internal filters are designed to be discreetly installed horizontally or vertically. BioCompact uses biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration for optimal water quality and clarity, and the diffuser with adjustable flow control provides added aeration.

  • BioPlus in aquarium

    BioPlus internal aquarium filter with discreet corner placement

    The BioPlus line of premium internal corner filters uses biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration for optimal water quality and clarity. The integrated diffuser with adjustable water flow nozzle allows for uniform surface movement, prevents formation of biofilm, and provides added aeration.

OASE’s BioCompact and BioPlus internal filter series are characterized by discreet design options that are ideal for keeping focus on your aquarium’s beauty. The filters’ EasyClean features and advanced designs are perfect for maintaining a clean and healthy ecosystem for your fish and plants. OASE’s Thermo line of BioPlus filters have the added feature of an integrated heater. By integrating the heater into the filter the amount of additional equipment seen in the aquarium is reduced.

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