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BioStyle Power Filter

OASE BioStyle is a sleek, compact power filter, ideal for marine and freshwater aquariums. Each model includes multi-stage filter cartridges and biological filter foams to ensure optimal water quality and clarity. These quiet, energy-efficient hang-on-back filters are designed for easy installation, operation, and maintenance.

The OASE BioStyle Power Filter is characterized by multi-stage filtration and easy-to-use set up and operation. The Thermo line of BioStyle has the added feature of an integrated heater. By integrating the heater into the filter, the amount of additional equipment seen in the aquarium is reduced. 

reddot winner 2023 logo

Winner of the 2023 Red Dot Product Design Award

Every year, selected products are awarded the Red Dot Award for "Product Design." Whether aesthetically pleasing, functional, smart or innovative – the products awarded by the Red Dot jury are united by their outstanding design quality. For this design quality, the OASE BioStyle Hang-On Power Filter was awarded the Red Dot Award. In the category "Product Design," it impressed with its modern look and smart features.

Product Features

OASE BioStyle
How the BioStyle works

How it works

  1. Water is pulled up through the intake and into the filter. 
  2. The water flows through the filter chamber that houses the multi-stage filter cartridges and biological filter foams. The water circulates through the different filter media which collects debris and provides optimal water quality and clarity. For thermo models, the water is simultaneously being heated by the integrated heater 
  3. The clean, clear water exits out of the BioStyle and back into the aquarium via the spillway. 
BioStyle filter media

Filter Media

All BioStyle models come with multi-stage filter cartridges and biological filter foams. OASE offers additional chemical media cartridges that can be added to the BioStyle filter based on your aquarium needs. OASE also offers an empty cartridge for further optimization.

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