BioStyle Filter Media

  • Multi-stage Filter Cartridge

    Disposable cartridge houses five different kinds of filter media. Included with all BioStyle models.

    1. 45 ppi Filter foam: Traps debris and waste. Offers surface area for beneficial bacteria.

    2-4. Three chemical media mix: carbon, zeolite and phosphate binder. Removes odors, impurities, and harmful nutrients from the water.

    5. Filter fleece: Traps extremely fine debris for a water polishing effect.

  • Biological Filter Foam for the BioStyle

    Biological Filter Foam

    30 ppi filter foam is included with all BioStyle models. Traps debris and waste and also offers surface area for beneficial bacteria to settle. This mechanical and biological filtration results in cleaner, healthier water for your aquarium inhabitants.

  • Additional Filter Cartridges

    To optimize filtration, OASE offers different filter media cartridges based on your aquarium needs.

    1. Activated Carbon Cartridge removes toxins and odors. Improves water clarity.

    2. Phosphate Binder Cartridge helps limit algae growth. Binds phosphates without dissolution.

    3. Customizable Cartridge is empty so you can add your choice or combination of dry, solid filter media.

BioStyle Filter Media

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