West Palm Beach, FL (December 7th, 2020) - OASE is proud to announce US based Aquascaper Jeffrey Miotke as their first official brand ambassador for the North American Market. Jeff Miotke has over 40 years of aquarist experience and has been competitively aquascaping for the last ten. Jeff’s passion for the hobby and his goals to share his insight and experience align perfectly with the values of the OASE brand. 

“As long as I can remember I have always enjoyed the aquarium hobby and only recently found the confidence to share my hobby with others.  What is more fun than keeping aquariums?  Keeping aquariums with friends!  Since then I have been sharing my experience through writing articles, traveling, presenting, judging and making friends around the world.  Joining the OASE family is a dream come true for me.  The opportunity feels like fate as it came at the exact right time and with the right people who share my love of aquariums and aquascaping.   I am truly grateful that I am able to continue my journey to share and inspire.” - Jeff Miotke | Aquascaper 

“We feel that Jeff’s excitement and love for aquascaping make him a perfect partner.  OASE’s mission is to provide a better experience in the hobby, so more time is spent enjoying it. OASE strives to provide that better experience by designing, engineering and manufacturing products that make fish keeping more pleasant.  We fully support Jeff’s own mission to share his experiences and look forward to working closely with him to do so.” - Ashley Spangler-Cobb (Marketing, OASE North American Indoor Aquatics category).

Jeff will start effective immediately on working and planning with OASE on strategies for future training and educational efforts, with both consumers and at future dealer events. 


About Jeff Miotke:

Jeff has been an avid aquarist for over 40 years keeping many varieties of fresh and saltwater fish. In 2011 he discovered Nature Aquarium by Takashi Amano and it changed his world. He studied, practiced and started creating nature aquariums which led to the competitive scene. Since then, Jeff has had the honor of being ranked among the top aquascapers year after year.

Learn more at www.jeffmiotke.com.