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OASE Launches ScaperLine Aquarium Sets in North America

Orlando, FL (March 23, 2022) – After a successful launch in late 2021 in Europe, OASE announces the launch of their ScaperLine aquarium sets in North America. The ScaperLine aquarium line of products is the first that has been specially designed for aquascaping. OASE is pleased to highlight these at the Global Pet Expo. 

Carefully curated design features and details make this line of aquariums the perfect fit for aquascapers of all levels. When designing an aquarium layout, aesthetic demands are in the foreground to create a stunning underwater display that draws the viewer in. The elegant ScaperLine considers these demands and combines high-quality design with the long-standing OASE competence, thus creating the perfect framework for those artfully arranged underwater landscapes. 

 "We are very proud to announce our brand-new range of OASE ScaperLine Aquariums and Stands to the North American market,” says Adam Raabe, Indoor Aquatics Category Manager for North America. “We’ve spent a substantial amount of time gathering feedback from the market about what people want in a higher-end set, and we feel we delivered exactly that. From the flawless look of the ScaperLine Aquarium to the modern and functional ScaperLine Stand, this is a perfect set for hobbyists of all levels to enjoy.”   

ScaperLine Aquarium Sets are available in two sizes and two cabinet colors (black and grey) in the North American market. ScaperLine aquariums are made from Optiwhite glass, offering a clear view of your underwater world. The aquarium also has mitered corner seams and chamfered edges. Also, to meet the needs of aquascapers, the cabinets include recessed magnet points integrated into the inside of the base cabinet door to keep all tools in place. Another distinctive feature is the magnetic strips on the side of the cabinet, providing feedthroughs for no tangled cables or hoses. Easy push doors, leveling feet, and optimal storage space within the cabinet also make this the ideal foundation for the aquarium. Overall, OASE makes it easier for ambitious aquascapers to find one perfectly balanced work of art made up of nature, design, and technology. 

Made by professionals for professionals, the innovative OASE ScaperLine range of products perfectly combines elegance and functionality. Together, the aquarium and the cabinet pair seamlessly for a modern design aesthetic that fits into any living space and is available for purchase in late March 2022.