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OASE Introduces the BioStyle Power Filter

Orlando, FL (March 23, 2022) – With the innovative BioStyle, OASE is pleased to introduce a power filter to their quality line of aquarium products. The OASE BioStyle is a quality design that hangs on the back of an aquarium to provide optimal filtration. 

These filters are made in Italy, with German engineering. Ideal for marine and freshwater use, each model includes multi-stage filter cartridges and biological filter foams to ensure the best water quality and clarity. These quiet, energy-efficient hang-on-back filters are designed for easy installation, operation, and maintenance.  

"With the successful launch of our brand new and truly innovative OASE aquatic products into the North American market three years ago, we wanted to keep that same excitement going with adding yet another game-changing product to our assortment,” says Adam Raabe, Indoor Aquatics Category Manager for North America. “The OASE BioStyle hang on the back filter blends a sleek look with added features that honestly sets it apart from the competition.” 

Unique to these features is the ease of maintenance. The easy-to-see cleaning indicator notifies when to change the multi-stage cartridges or clean the biological filter foams. The no-mess design of the cartridges makes for quick maintenance. OASE offers additional chemical media cartridges that can be added to the BioStyle filter based on your aquarium needs. OASE also offers an empty cartridge for further optimization by adding the user’s choice of media. BioStyle filters are designed for easy installation, with an adjustable leveling foot to secure the filter to different thicknesses of aquarium glass and a telescopic intake for varying aquarium heights. The filter’s built-in adjustable flow control makes it easy to change the intensity of water movement in the aquarium. As a bonus, OASE offers a Thermo version of the 30 and 50 model that reduces the amount of added equipment seen in the aquarium by integrating a heater into the filter unit.  

Available in three sizes and three colors, select models with integrated heater.

BioStyle’s sleek design and ease of use offer the next best solution to the power filter market that is backed by the OASE standard of quality.  Navy and White colors are available now. Grey color will be available April 2022. Thermo 30 and 50 models will be available late Spring 2022.