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OASE Introduces EGC to North America

West Palm Beach, FL (October 10, 2018) ⎯ After a successful year in Europe, the long-awaited Easy Garden Control (EGC) system will bring about a smart revolution in North America’s water gardening industry.  This new line of products will make their debut at the Green Industry Expo (GIE) Show in Louisville, KY.

The heart of the OASE EGC products is the new EGC Controller, which enables the control of up to 10 EGC devices (pumps, filters, or lights). The revolutionary garden system can be controlled via an app and easily integrated into the home network via a router. It also facilitates convenient operation of the connected products from anywhere in the world using the OASE Cloud service.

“We are very excited to bring the EGC system to the North American market,” said Frayne McAtee, Director of Sales. “This is another leap forward in technology and products that makes it possible to monitor and control an outdoor oasis from anywhere in the world. This is just the beginning of many new and exciting products that we will be bringing to the market over the next several years. The EGC system is another step for us to fulfill our company goal of adding quality to the lives of our customers.”

The connectable OASE devices include the AquaMax Eco Expert 6800 or 11500, an energy-efficient filter pump best suited for large ponds with koi stock, as well as the Aquarius Eco Expert 7300 or 11500, a fountain and water feature pump with sophisticated dynamic function control for variable water patterns. Furthermore, the powerful pump-fed ProfiClear Premium Compact EGC drum filter with high separating capacity and Hel-X 13 filter media, and illumination components like the ProfiLux Garden LED RGB spotlight with RGB illumination effects, can also be connected.

“The EGC system truly makes enjoying your pond easier than ever with automated alerts that let you know to check your pond,” said Matt Zitani, Project Development Manager. “This is a big step for the water garden industry as the EGC system brings technology and communication into the outdoor landscape and pond market.  Plus, with the first wave of EGC drum filters coming to the US market, you can have a maintenance free filter that directly removes waste out of your pond and leaves your water clear and your fish happy. ”

In addition to controlling EGC products, the system provides feedback concerning operation status, power consumption, and overall performance diagnostics. This data can then be analyzed, formatted, and stored on the OASE Cloud. If any technical or performance problems occur, the homeowner will receive a notification so they can resolve the issue immediately. An investment in the OASE Easy Garden Control (EGC) system is an investment in the future; available in North America in early 2019.

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