Las Vegas, NV (May 30, 2018) - OASE, the global leader in water gardening technology, is pleased to introduce a new series of aquarium filters with integrated heaters to its impressive Indoor Aquatics line in North America.  OASE Indoor Aquatic Thermo Filters have previously been available in Europe.  The Indoor Aquatics line now offer a robust line of internal and external heated aquarium filters that are all backed by German engineering.  The Thermo Filters will make their debut in North America at SuperZoo, in booth 3874, in Las Vegas on June 23.

OASE's internal and external aquarium filters now include integrated heating options for marine, tropical, and cold water temperature control. No longer do hobbyists need to see heaters creating visual distractions in their aquascapes and aquarium habitats. Integrated heaters can easily be adjusted, while keeping hands dry, on any of the Thermo Filters by utilizing the control system to provide uniform water temperature throughout the aquarium.  Making the ideal aquatic environment is simpler than ever with the filtration and water temperature needs accounted for in one product.

"Thermo Filters are ideal for any aquarists who enjoy optimal filtration equipment along with an unobstructed view of the aquarium. Plus, temperature is easily adjustable for uniform water temperature and regulated by bi-metal technology," says Caitlin Laclergue, Indoor Aquatics Product Manager for OASE in North America. Laclergue continues, "The integrated heating of OASE Thermo Filters makes for an incredibly unique and effective filtration system for your aquarium."

In addition, the OASE line of Heatup aquarium heaters can be integrated into the existing OASE aquarium filter models.  This option is ideal for hobbyists who have started with an OASE cold water aquarium setup and would like to transition their system to a tropical or marine water setup without losing their valuable aquarium real estate to equipment.

To explore OASE's broad range of Indoor Aquatics offerings for North America, including the Thermo Filters and HeatUp family of products, please visit us at Booth 3874 at the SuperZoo.