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biOrb Expands its Product Line

Las Vegas, NV (May 30, 2018) - OASE, the global leader in creative water design, is proud to announce its continued expansion into the indoor aquatics market with OASE biOrb's hand-crafted aquatic sculptures, décor and plants designed by aquatic décor designer, Samuel Baker.  The new product will make its debut in North America at SuperZoo, in booth 3874, in Las Vegas, on June 23, 2018.

OASE biOrb sculptures are carefully reproduced from hand-crafted, detailed originals created by the aquatic décor designer, Samuel Baker.  A design to suit every preference, from a mysterious treasure chest, submarine, or shipwreck to seahorses on coral and gnarled life-like roots.  Add in individual seahorses on pieces and plastic and silk plants like the colorful bonsai balls, life-like sea pearls, Ambulia and dazzling parrots feathers to the mix and there is a seemingly endless array of combinations to enjoy and be creative with.

"It's an organic process," said Samuel Baker, biOrb aquatic décor designer.  "I'll start with a concept or an idea, and I'll bring in the elements I've found, and I'll start building up a composition.  To me, it really comes to life during the painting process because all those things that I've seen and experienced and worked into the design, that's when they come to the surface.  The application of paint allows me to highlight and define those different elements.  It all comes back to working with found objects.  The re-creation of nature.  I think people become really consumed with the vastness of it all and things get missed, and for me it's the fine details which are really important and by singling them out and drawing them together, we create these mini worlds inside. It's about pulling them in bringing them to life."

OASE biOrb sculptures are easily placed over the bubble tube to make for an exquisite centerpiece.  Made from high-grade resin material, biOrb sculptures are also safe and durable for freshwater, saltwater, and tropical aquariums alike.  The designer plants are conveniently weighted and are extremely easy to place and remain upright for a beautiful display.

The unique design of biOrb aquariums paired with the extensive assortment of sculptures, plants, and décor; ranging from simplistically natural to exciting colorful, truly make for a creative underwater world.