Orlando, FL (March 16, 2018) - OASE, the global leader in water gardening technology, is pleased to introduce a new line of Indoor Aquatics products to its impressive collection in North America.  OASE Indoor Aquatic products have previously been available in Europe for professional, hobbyists, and beginners alike.  The Indoor Aquatics line offers a robust line of internal and external aquarium filters, pumps, and accessories that are all backed by German engineering. The line will make it debut in North America at the Global Pet Expo in booth 5272 in Orlando on March 21st.

"We believe that aquarium owners want to focus on the beauty of their aquarium and not on high levels of maintenance. This approach is central to our concept for Indoor Aquatics and our customer's around the world are really impressed with the results," James Knight, the Global Indoor Aquatics Category Manager for OASE remarks. "We are very excited to introduce the same experience to North America so that aquarists everywhere can find that same joy."

The innovative German engineering and technology found in OASE's line of Water Gardening products, especially within the filtration offering, is now available in the Indoor Aquatics line. One example of this is the BioMaster external aquarium filter collection, which boasts an EasyClean pre-filter module to reduce maintenance and increased filter efficiency and extend the life of the main filter foam. The BioMaster allows for a high level of pathways ensure all water is filtered through all 4-stages of filtration providing optimal filtration and clearer water. OASE's expertly designed Hel-X BioMedia colonizes beneficial bacteria in suspended floating modules for premium biological filtration. The BioMaster series includes a variety of sizes for both fresh and marine water applications.

"The BioMaster is truly the most impressive aquarium filter I have seen. The pre-filtration module is going to make maintenance simpler than ever imagined," says Caitlin Laclergue, Indoor Aquatics Product Manager for OASE North America. Laclergue continues, " The combination of mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration through the filter foams, activated carbon, and Hel-X suspended BioMedia makes the BioMaster an incredibly unique and effective filtration system."