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biOrb CUBE Aquarium Debuts at Global Pet Expo (GPE)

Orlando, FL (March 16, 2018) - OASE, the global leader in create water design, is pleased to announce the addition of the OASE biOrb CUBE aquarium to its designer aquarium and accessory range. With its new approach to a traditional shape, the CUBE brings clean lines and modern technology together for an exquisitely customizable aquarium experience. To top off this new design, it is available with multi-color LED lights that are easy to adjust with remote control. Discover the new aquarium at its North America debut at Global Pet Expo (booth 5272) in Orlando on March 21st. As with the entire biOrb aquarium range, the biOrb CUBE is built not only for beauty but for strength. Made from acrylic which has a transparency rating of 93% we've heard numerous customers say, "...it's like watching my fish in high definition..."

"Cube shaped aquariums are beautiful. Everything about the proportions are pleasing to the eye," says Elizabeth Bodziony, Director of Sales and Category Manager for Indoor Aquatics in North America. "We've taken the biOrb features that make fish keeping easier and added them to this shape, creating the CUBE aquarium. The addition of the CUBE really completes our collection of unique aquarium shapes and sizes, resulting in a decorative option for everyone who want to easily add an aquarium to their home decor."

In addition to durable materials, the biOrb CUBE uses the same proven 5 step filtration process which includes biological, mechanical, chemical, water stabilization, and oxygenation. Utilizing ceramic media as its substrate, it's capable of housing enough beneficial bacteria to cover a soccer field!

Creative lighting design enhances the biOrb CUBE with the option of standard white LED or multi-color remote controlled LED light. At the touch of a button, the CUBE can be lit by any of the sixteen preset colors or set the lighting to gently fade through the entire spectrum. Furthermore, the remote can be used to set day and night timed cycles for a more natural scene. It even comes with brightness controls for perfect ambiance lighting.

The OASE biOrb CUBE is now available in 8 Gallon / 30 Liter and 16 Gallon / 60 Liter sizes with sleek trim options of black or white. For an exceptionally unique view, the CUBE is also available in transparent.

OASE biOrb has nearly an endless array of artist-designed aquarium sculptures, plants, and accessories to make the biOrb CUBE alluringly unique.