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oxymax air pump produces a vertical flow of bubbles

For the health of your fish, an aquarium should mimic the natural world to the best of your ability. In fresh and saltwater environments, the water is constantly moving. Your aquarium’s filter will typically help maintain adequate water movement and surface agitation. But adding a pump to your aquarium can increase surface agitation and eliminate anoxic "dead zones", especially if you have a larger aquarium.

Aquarium Pumps

Aquarium pumps provide multiple functions. A pump can help to distribute nutrients and oxygen throughout an aquarium or paludarium and prevent stagnant areas. You can use an aquarium pump to operate other aquarium equipment like a UVC or filter. Aquarium pumps can also be used in a discreet aquarium sump filtration system to quietly and effortlessly return the filtered water back into the aquarium.

TIP! The basis for selecting an aquarium pump is based on the desired flow rate and head height. In general, it is better to choose a more powerful pump than a less powerful one for your setup and use the flow control to adjust the water flow rate.

TIP! Determine the ideal pump for your aquarium sump by matching the distance of the sump to your aquarium return outlet and match to the pump’s max. head height.


OptiMax Compact OptiMax
85i 135i 250 285 560 800 1150 1420
Max. flow rate 85 gph
322 l/h
135 gph
511 l/h
250 gph
946 l/h
285 gph
1079 l/h
560 gph
2120 l/h
800 gph
3028 l/h
1150 gph
4352 l/h
1420 gph
5375 l/h
Max. head height 1.8 ft.
0.55 m
2.8 ft.
0.85 m
3.3 ft.
1 m
4.6 ft.
1.4 m
8.2 ft.
2.5 m
11.5 ft.
3.5 m
10.5 ft.
3.2 m
9.5 ft.
2.9 m
Power consumption 4.5 watts 5 watts 8 watts 10 watts 31 watts 60 watts 72 watts 78 watts
Inline Capability


Air Pumps

An air pump produces a vertical flow of bubbles that increases the CO2 and O2 gas exchange, providing a well aerated environment. These types of pumps also increase surface agitation and eliminate anoxic "dead zones."


OxyMax 100 OxyMax 200 OxyMax 400
Max. flow rate 30 gph
100 l/h
55 gph
200 l/h
200 gph
380 l/h
Power consumption 3.5 watts 3.5 watts 4 watts
No. of diffusers 1 2


Stream Pumps

A stream pump produces water currents that circulate the water, creating natural water movement that fish love. These types of pumps also increase surface agitation and eliminate anoxic "dead zones".

StreamMax Classic
2000 4000 5000
Minimum Flow Rate 400 gph 635 gph 950 gph
Maximum Flow Rate 530 gph 1060 gph 1320 gph
Power Consumption 3.5 Watts 5 Watts 6.5 Watts

Choosing the best pump for your aquarium