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Aquarium Equipment

  • Surface skimmer effectively cleans the aquarium surface

    Additional Aquarium Equipment

    UV Clarifiers To further promote clear water and healthy fish, add a UV clarifier to your aquarium setup. Through the use of UV technology, water from your tank is slowly...

  • aquarium heater

    Aquarium Heaters

    For aquarium inhabitants it is extremely important to have a uniform water temperature that is appropriate for the species, and that is consistent. The fewer the fluctuations the better. Temperature...

  • oxymax air pump produces a vertical flow of bubbles


    For the health of your fish, an aquarium should mimic the natural world to the best of your ability. In fresh and saltwater environments, the water is constantly moving. Your...

  • biostyle power filter

    Aquarium Filters

    First and foremost, a quality filter ensures clean water and promotes fish health. In conjunction with regular partial water changes, filters help keep the ecosystem balanced. Filters also help generate...