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Upgrading Tubing & Glassware

Shutoff Valve on a BioMaster set-up

For aesthetics purposes, you can upgrade your external filter by using clear tubing and lily pipes made of glass or stainless steel.


OASE external filters each come with a different connection for different tubing diameters.

  • FiltoSmart 60 fits 9/12 mm tubing
  • FiltoSmart & FiltoSmart Thermo 100 fits 12/16 mm tubing
  • FiltoSmart & FiltoSmart Thermo 200-300 fits 16/22 mm tubing
  • BioMaster & BioMaster Thermo 250-850 fits 16/22 mm tubing

The number before the "/" is the internal diameter of the tubing and the second number is the tubing’s external diameter.

Lily Pipes

Lily pipes are typically sold as: 10 mm, 13 mm or 17 mm. This number is the external diameter of the lily pipe. Tubing needs to fit over the tube of the lily pipe, so the external diameter of the lily pipe should be 1 mm bigger than the matching internal tubing diameter. This ensures the tubing fits securely on the pipe to avoid leaking or slipping.

Example: 9/12 mm tubing (internal diameter of 9 mm) fits a 10 mm lily pipe.

Note: Because the filter's flow cannot be adjusted when using glass or stainless steel lily pipes, we recommend using an inline ball valve on the outlet of the filter to control the flow.

Shut-off Valves

Adding an OASE ShutOff Valve to your aquarium setup will make maintenance quick and easy. Install the valve in-line on the tubing between your external filter and aquarium. These valves are designed with dual flow control so you can easily adjust the flow going to and from your aquarium. When performing maintenance on your filter or tubing simply stop the flow and disconnect the ShutOff Valve. This ensures no accidental spillage or messy maintenance.

Product Use with Fits tubing (inner Ø / outer Ø) Item no.
ShutOff Valve 9/12 FiltoSmart 60 9/12 mm 91584
ShutOff Valve 12/16 FiltoSmart & FiltoSmart Thermo 100 12/16 mm 91585
ShutOff Valve 16/22 FiltoSmart & FiltoSmart Thermo 200-300 and BioMaster & BioMaster Thermo 250-850 16/22 mm 91587