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OASE Joins Forces with George Farmer

Orlando, FL (March 20, 2018) - George Farmer, the world renown aquascaper from the UK, is pleased to partner with OASE as they showcase their series of Thermo Filters at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL March 20-22.  The OASE internal and external aquarium filters, with integrated heaters, are designed with the hobbyist in mind.  These innovative filters are currently available for purchase and are part of the impressive line of indoor aquatics products offered in North America

George Farmer will be aquascaping the featured aquarium in OASE’s booth, which will be powered the sleek BioMaster Thermo 600 External Aquarium Filter.  Farmer's beautiful design will be uninterrupted by aquarium equipment, thanks to the BioMaster Thermo's integrated heater.   A common obstacle for aquascapers and hobbyists, who want to enjoy the beauty of their aquarium, has always been to un-clutter the panorama of their display.  OASE's Thermo filters are designed to combine the filter and heater into one unit, which removes the need to place a heater inside the aquarium. 

“I have been using the OASE range of BioMaster Thermo Filters since they were first released in the UK”, says Farmer. “I was excited to see an external filter with integrated and removable heater – a unique feature in the aquarium filtration market. I was also very happy to see the quick-release pre-filter, which makes regular filter maintenance so quick and simple. The combination of these features combined with the high quality we come to expect from OASE products make these my go-to filtration solution for my own and clients’ aquascapes.”

Mr. Farmer will be available in the OASE booth to talk with guests of the event on Wednesday, March 20th from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. and 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. ET.  His aquascaped OASE tank will be featured in the booth during all show hours.  OASE will also be raffling off the biOrb AIR terrarium, planted by Farmer, to one booth visitor.

To explore OASE's broad range of Indoor Aquatics, including the Thermo Filters, and the biOrb line of products, including the biOrb AIR, please visit Booth 1657 at the Global Pet Expo.  You can also learn more by calling 866-627-3435 to speak to an OASE representative or visiting www.oase-livingwater.com.


About George Farmer:

George Farmer is an internationally renowned aquascaper. He creates, writes about, films and photographs beautiful aquariums every day working with a wide range of private and commercial clients. George has been contributing to Practical Fishkeeping Magazine (UK) since 2006 and co-founded the UK Aquatic Plant Society in 2007. He regularly judges international aquascaping contests and have given TV and radio appearances, podcast interviews, workshops, talks and seminars all over Europe and the US. George loves nature and the outdoors, and is a keen runner. He lives with this family near Cambridge, England. You can find him on YouTube and Instagram where he creates daily content.