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Replacement Filter Media

Every aquarium is different, so your filtration needs are unique. Get the most out of your filter by customizing your set-up to meet your needs for a healthy and thriving aquatic environment. You can change the foams to ones with different densities, increase/decrease the amount of a specific foam, add chemical filtration, etc. If you are replacing filter media in a filter that has been running, we recommend you replace media incrementally. First replace one of the multiple filter foams, after two weeks replace the next one, and so on. If you replace foams all at once, the filter will not be completely active for several weeks, because regrowth of bacterial cultures takes some time.

Item no. Description
48850 BioCompact 25 Filter Foam Set
48851 BioCompact 50 Filter Foam Set
48939 Carbon Filter Media x2 (4.6 oz each)
49558 BioPlus 20 ppi Blue Foam
49559 BioPlus White Filter Fleece Set
49685 BioPlus 30 ppi Filter Foam
49799 BioPlus Carbon Filter Set
49626 BioMaster 30 ppi Pre-filter Foam Set
49560 BioMaster 45 ppi Pre-filter Foam Set
49583 BioMaster 60 ppi Pre-filter Foam Set
49744 BioMaster 45 ppi Carbon Pre-filter Foam Set
49602 BioMaster 20 ppi Blue Foam
49604 BioMaster 30 ppi Orange Foam
49608 Hel-X 13 BioMedia 0.3 gal
48942 FiltoSmart 60 Filter Foam
49043 FiltoSmart 100 Filter Foam Set
49048 FiltoSmart 200 Filter Foam Set
49049 FiltoSmart 300 Filter Foam Set
49024 Ceramic Filter Media (14.8 oz)
48939 Carbon Filter Media x2 (4.6 oz each)
84244 BioStyle Filter Cartridge Set of 2
84243 BioStyle Filter Cartridge Set of 4
84245 BioStyle 30 ppi Filter Foam Set of 2
84246 BioStyle 30 ppi Filter Foam Set of 4
84249 BioStyle Activated Carbon Cartridge
84247 BioStyle Phosphate Binder Cartridge
84250 BioStyle Customizable Cartridge